Author Search

Note: Author Search is only available in the Web of Science Core Collection.

Use author search to search for an author and see their author recordClosedcontains a set of documents likely authored by the same person.. Author Search helps identify articles likely authored by the same person.

In the appropriate fields, find an author by typing their last name followed by their first name. You can include a hyphen, a space, or an apostrophe in the Last Name field. For example:

  • Wilson
  • O'Grady
  • Ruiz-Gomez
  • De La Rosa
  • Van der Waals

Searching for an Author Record

Any author with a paper indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection has an author record.

Author Search Results

  • The search results page lists author records that match your search. If there is only one author record associated with the author you’re searching, the author record automatically opens and bypasses the search results page.
  • Refine your search results by author name, organization, and subject category to retrieve more relevant results.
  • You can start a new author search directly from the search results page. Click the search box located below the number of search results to open a pop-up window.

New author search screenshot

New author search screenshot


View as a Combined Record

There may be multiple author records for one author. You can select multiple author records and click View as Combined Record to view all documents from an author in one record.

view as combined record screenshot