SciELO Citation Index Advanced Search Field Tags

Use these two-character field tags to return more relevant results when building advanced search queries.

Field Tag

AD=Address Searches for institution and/or place names in the Addresses field.
AI=Author Identifiers Searches for Web of Science ResearcherID numbers and ORCID identifiers in the Author Identifiers table within a record.Enter a unique Web of Science ResearcherID number or ORCID identifier with the AI field tag.

Searches for author names in the Author(s) field within a record.

Last names containing a space should be searched with and without the space to ensure that all relevant records are returned. For example:

AU=(De Marco* OR DeMarco*) AU=(Van Hecke T* OR Vanhecke T*) See also Guidelines for Searching Names

DO=DOI (Digital Object Identifier) Searches for the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in the Source field within a record.
EC=SciELO Categories Searches the SciELO Categories field within a record. For example: SciELO Categories: Biology; Cell Biology See also SciELO Categories
ED=Editor Searches for editor names in the Editor(s) field within a record. For example: See also Guidelines for Searching Names
IS=ISSN Searches the ISSN field within a record. The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) searches for periodical publications such as journals and electronic publications. If a journal has both a print ISSN and an electronic ISSN, then both display in the Full Record. The format is four numbers, a hyphen (-), three numbers, and then a check character that may be a number or X.
OG=Organization Searches for institution and/or place names in the Addresses field within a record usually for the first named author of an article. For example, a search on OG=Chile Univ* returns all records that contain the organization name Chile University, Santiago, Chile.
PY=Year Published Searches the Source Published field within a record. You must combine this field tag with another field tag using the AND or NOT Boolean operator. Example: TS=cell growth AND PY=2007 When entering a range of years, restrict your search to five years or less; otherwise, processing slows down and the product returns too many unproductive results. Example: TS=cell growth AND PY=(2008-2010)
SO=Publication Name Searches for publication names in the Source field within a record. The product retrieves all source titles within a product database (for example, journal titles and/or book titles if the product includes books).
SU=Research Area Searches the Research Areas field.
TI=Title Searches the Title field within a record.
TS=Topic Searches for topic terms in the following fields within a record. Title Abstract Author Keywords
UT=Accession Number Searches the Accession Number field within a record. The accession number is a unique identifying number associated with each record in the product. It consists of a product identification code, a product year, and an item number.