Homepage Dashboard

Personalized Web of Science Homepage

The new personalized Web of Science homepage offers two widgets for quickly resuming work from previous sessions: recent searches and latest alert notifications. Persistent search history and alerts are both features that require a user account, so the homepage dashboard won't be available to unregistered users


image of personalized homepage

Recent Searches

The last 10 search history events (search query, alert summary view, document view) will be displayed inside the widget, offering some of the functionality available on the main History page: copying the query link and deleting the entry from the persistent history. Users will be able to view each of these items as well as to navigate to the main History page for full features and functionality.

image of recent searches

Latest Alerts

The latest 10 alert notifications will be displayed inside this widget. On-click, these notification tiles will redirect the user to the alert summary view that is specific for the alert's timespan (e.g. last week's results for a weekly search alert). These actions will be recorded as an alert summary view event in the persistent history.

The individual notification tiles come with two styles: read and unread. These may be changed manually for each individual tile using the More options (…) menu or as a batch edit to mark all as read/unread.

image of latest alerts