Web of Science ResearcherID

A Web of Science ResearcherID is a unique identifier that differentiates researchers in the Web of Science.

What has a ResearcherID?

  • Any algorithmically generated author record in the Web of Science Core Collection.

  • Any Web of Science researcher profile

Having a ResearcherID does not mean that the author record has been claimed by the researcher. Researchers can claim author records that have not already been claimed by someone else, or add publications in an author record to an existing claimed researcher profile.

Web of Science ResearcherID provides the global research community with an invaluable index of author information. Web of Science Group products (Web of Science, InCites, EndNote) use a Web of Science ResearcherID to match and disambiguate researchers across products.

Having a Web of Science ResearcherID helps:

  • solve author identity issues
  • ensure correct attribution between you and your publications on the Web of Science
  • add dynamic citation metrics from the Web of Science Core Collection and other missing metadata to publication records on your Publons profile, Web of Science, InCites, etc.
  • effortlessly keep your ORCID up to date by linking it to your Web of Science ResearcherID on Publons

Author Identifiers Table

Expand the Authors Identifiers table on any article record to view the list of researchers who have claimed a publication using their Web of Science ResearcherID or ORCID identifiers.

The table includes:

  • If available, the Web of Science ResearcherID of all authors who have claimed the publication as part of their Web of Science researcher profile.

  • If available, the ORCID of all authors currently associated with the publication.